FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about DVD Shrink Software

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What are the new features of the DVD Shrink 2014 software?

  1. Playback of DVD and various video files.
  2. Full screen viewing.
  3. Conversion of DVD Video Files to any format.
  4. Conversion of individual files in DVD Video, which allows you to do the conversion of the Main Movie only (without the additional features and trailers included).
  5. Very fast conversion speed, much faster than many similar applications available on the market. Minor software bugs fixed.

Enhanced DVD Shrink Features:
A. The Shrink and Re Author Features comes with a better , simpler and more users friendly Graphical Interface.
B. The Compression process is faster and consumes less time compared to other applications available in the market.
New Features Added in the last Update of 13/12/2013:
A. Dvd Shrink will open and work now also with any: avi, mpeg, mpg, vob, m2ts, mts, rm, rmvb, vob, wmv, asf, flv, mov, qt, mp4, mpeg4, ogm, 3gp, asx, wma, m1v, m2v files and it will able to convert video files to avi, mpeg4, zune, iPod, android, 3gp, psp, quick time, flv, windowsmedia
B. In DVD Conversion : Android format added. Conversion quality improved too.
C. Availability of Blu ray dvd conversion and dvd burning engine.

How to use DVD Shrink?

A simple users-friendly interface makes the usage of the software easy and without any issues. The DVD shrink manual and guide, which will be given to you after you obtain a membership, contains a step by step procedure that easily explains how to use the DVD Shrink software. Furthermore, you receive 24x7 technical support to help you with all your technical queries.

Does DVD Shrink software allow me to keep the original format of the DVD?

DVD Shrink’s main purpose is to re-program the movie to a reduced quality or and remove any extra content like foreign-language sound tracks so that the full movie is compressed to fit in a single (4.7 GB) DVD.

If you desire to you can use DVD shrink Full-Disk mode to keep the structure of the original DVD intact. You can also apply different levels of compression for each individual title like movies and extras, menus, deselect audio or sub-picture streams.

What is the Re-Author Feature?

With DVD Shrink you get the flexibility to choose which DVD elements (audio tracks and subtitles, main title or special features) you want to retain on the “shrunken DVD”. Menus cannot be separately selected. The compression is simple and automatic if you select only the main title to fit in the DVD. If you opt for special features the compression has to be done manually at a minimum possible level by using the custom ratio option so that the disk space is given to the main title.

How DVD Shrink works?

You can re-authorize and re-encode your DVD with DVD Shrink 2014. The easy to understand interface helps you keep only what is required. Additionally, you can select the compression level for each individual video track to get the desired disc size, which is generally under 4.38GB. The software has also the capability to generate an ISO image of the ripped DVD or a video_TS folder for further actions like processing, viewing or burning or converting.

What is a dual layer DVD?

A dual layer DVD has a higher space size that goes up to around 9GB, but generally it is up to 7GB. It is usually recommended to copy the complete VIDEO_TS folder on the original DVD to the HDD. But thanks to our software this requirement does not needs to be met. Once the processing is completed, at least 4GB+ folder will be free. So it can be safely said that a minimum of 10GB is required for processing, but still it is recommended to HDD as there will be free space at the end.

Does DVD Shrink software damage the movie copyright?

It is important to know that DVD Shrink is made to compress movies, not to burn DVDs. Users should be aware of the fact that they will be liable for copyright issues if DVDs are burnt using this software.

Is it easy to uninstall DVD Shrink if I do not want to use anymore?

It is extremely easy to uninstall. There is an uninstall link in the software as well as in the Windows Start Menu. Additionally, you can always freely use our 24x7 technical support team to assist you with any issues.

Can DVD Shrink software work with Windows Vista and Windows 7 & Windows 8?

Yes. It is the only shrinking software whose latest version is compatible with both Windows Vista and Windows 7 and Windows 8. There is no other shrinking software on the market which has this feature.

What is the next step after purchasing the software?

Once the purchase is made, a software activation code and software download link will be sent to you through an email. Check your junk email folder if you didn’t receive it. If it’s not there then you can contact the 24x7 support team and they help you once you send them the purchase receipt. Also in case the software is not working properly they will help you resolve any issue that came up, if not resolved you will be totally refunded as this software comes with a  100% money back guarantee.

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